What we do

Find you the best Property Manager for free

Finding the right Property Manager can be difficult and time consuming. We can help you make the right decision. It’s a quick service, it’s an easy service and best of all it’s FREE!

If you haven’t made the right decision in choosing a Property Manager, we can help you find a replacement.

We find the best Property Manager for you, your property and your circumstances.First we identify your requirements then we investigate who would be the best Property Manager for you.

We go through an exhaustive 57-point checklist with the Property Manager to find out everything about them. We then contact a random sample of their client base and ask these clients to rate the Property Manager’s performance. We even review their current marketing efforts!

If any problems or misunderstandings should occur in the future we communicate these back to the Property Manager and help to seek a suitable solution for both parties. That way you do not have to complain directly to your Property Manager to get the service you want.

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